Meeting 1: 
Prelude: Approaches, Fields, and Transformations (Bremen, April 2018)

The first meeting overlooks existing approaches in communication studies towards a deeper understanding of communicative memory and mnemonic media. It also establishes connections to other scientific areas. Astrid Erll and Joanne Garde-Hansen joined our meeting as guests. The program can be downloaded here.

Meeting 2:
Journalism and Social Memory (Tubingen, July 2018)

The meeting concentrates on the role model of journalists as “memory agents.” In this context we discuss the emergence of a memory-related history journalism. We were delighted to welcome Jeffrey K. Olick and Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt as guests. The program can be downloaded from here.

Meeting 3:
Media Images in Public and Private Memory (Magdeburg, April 2019)

The analysis of visual memory communication is at the center of the third meeting. Beginning with existing approaches of visual representations in public commemoration and image-related remembering in private, the meeting will focus on the imaginatory dimensions of communicative memory processes. We are joined by Paul Frosh and Katharina Lobinger.

Meeting 4:
Memory Culture of Communication Science History (Augsburg, October 2019)

The aim of the meeting is to synthesize and question the memory dimension of the history and historiography of communication science. Starting point is the current understanding of the German and the international scientific network of communication scholars as “mnemonic community,” in which shared memories of tradition and professional identity are established. We are delighted that Jeff Pooley and Oliver Dimbath will be our guests. The program can be accessed from here.

Meeting 5:
Synthesis and Synergies – Communication and Media Memory Research (virtual meetings, March 2021, June 2021, September 2021)

Building on the first four meetings, the fifth workshop that was stretched over three consecutive online meetings due to the COVID-19 restrictions sought synthesis and synergies in order to summarize, discuss, and evaluate the network’s overall outcomes and insights.

Meeting 6:
International Conference “Communicating Memory Matters: Next Steps in the Study of Media Remembering and Communicative Commemoration” (Salzburg, June/July 2022)

The network will be concluded with a meeting that is going to be organized as international, English speaking conference.